Long time no blog! Big Update and Future Plans for myself and this Blog!

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     I have been pretty distracted these last few months, not only distracted but unable to focus even when I try to. There is not a whole lot going on, but what is going on is somewhat overwhelming. I have been working so hard for the last year to open my in home day care and am very proud to say that it is in fact open and I have even had kids in it!! This is such a huge deal for me you all have no idea. I have been waiting and working towards this, what seemed to be impossible, task of opening this damn day care. This is a legal fully functional military daycare, otherwise known as a Child Development Home. It is standardized by both the United States Navy and the CDC. The food is standardized by the USDA and the FDA.
     The process to become fully licensed is not difficult in most places, but for some reason, where we live is exceptionally drawn out. I began this process about three years ago, they had a snafu in the Virginia area so all applications were suspended and I had to find other work. Finally about two years later they posted a big banner about becoming a CDH provider and I thought wow!!! maybe this is really going to happen this time. So I went to start the process and that was August of last year!!! I thought I would be good to go and open working full time with six children in my care long before Aaron and I got pregnant. As it happens, my first week of full time care I was already 35.5 weeks pregnant... So needless to say I have been a very frustrated and angry person for the last year. Every step took months to complete and there seemed to never come a day when I would actually ever open. My husband was very frustrated as well, because our finances are accustomed to me working a full time schedule and our budget, savings, and plans have not only been put on hold but have suffered.
     Because I needed to be ready randomly for classes and paperwork I chose not to work while I was applying for this license, that coupled with becoming pregnant in November, I really wasn't able to work until about the fifth month of my pregnancy. I am so happy to have everything done and ready to go before I give birth, this way everything is set up for when I return to work full time in mid-October. depending on when she arrives I will have about six to eight weeks of maternity leave, now this is my own business and nobody sets my hours or tells me when to work, but I figured if I treated as any other job then I would be more likely to push through and start working sooner rather than later to attempt to recoup from me not having steady work for nearly a year.
     I am ready to dive in and be a mother, I am ready to be a boss and really start my career. I think in the next blog I will lay out my ten year professional plan and sort of give you the run down on what I want to happen and how I plan on getting myself there. I think blogging will be a great outlet for me and I hope to open up more like I did today and really share my life and what it is like trying to maintain a career of my own, raise a family, take care of my home, and still support my service member to the fullest in his career.

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