I am back from vacation!!

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I had a lovely vacation at my parents house on the East Coast of the US, (just in case you are reading this and you aren't from the US.) For nearly three years I have not been able to get home to see my parents, firstly the cost is quite high as I live overseas and the timing was never perfect enough for everyone to be home at the same time and get the most out of that high ticket cost. But for about a week and a half there was this magical window, that hasn't been in over 4 years, where everyone in my family would be home at the same time!! So I had to jump on the chance to go home to complete the family circle! My immediate family includes my just absolutely beautifully perfect mother Sonia, my finally retired father Cesar, my badass just got her Bachelors Degree with a whole lot of honors older sister Ariana, her two children that have defined me for the last 11 years Cesar and Elizabeth, and last but not least my younger brother a newly minted Marine, whom I am very proud of soon to be Lance Corporal Orlando... Of course I am the middle child Alexandra just in case you didn't know haha, and with me on this perfect and magical week and a half was my beautiful unborn baby girl, making this trip that much more special as my family has never seen me pregnant and they loved it. I will share a couple of highlights of my trip with you and hopefully grab some pictures from various locations to illustrate the fun for you.

Me at 23 weeks I believe!

Revamped Doll Craddle

Revamped Mini Vanity

DIY Easter Eggs!!!

My sister and I went to the mall like normal sisters that don't live on different continents do and let me tell you it was amazing! We were sooo normal just eating lunch at Maggiano's and shopping for shoes and makeup. It was glorious, we haven't lived on the same side of the Earth in over 4 years so for her and I it was much needed sister bonding time. I built/upcycled a few special toys for my niece, I watched hours of anime with my nephew and we had a special bowling date just us two. My brother and I ate a lot haha and he shared his stories of his new Marine life. My Dad and I did little projects around the house and just hung out and went to hardware stories together of course we had a blast and my Mom and I made a blanket aka she made a blanket I cheered her on!! We drank coffee and ate and went shopping and we crocheted together and we basically had the best time ever!!! Going home is just everything I needed before baby comes, I love my husband and he does his best to be there for me when I am home with him, but he also works a lot and he is only one person. When I am at my parents house there is always someone home to hang out with, make some plans and have a good time. I so appreciate the amazing family that my parents have built and the home they work so hard for so that I can come home and feel amazing. Soon my husband and I will be building our own family and hopefully we can make a home that our children can continue to come back to.

I left for my parents house at about 18 weeks and I am now 24 weeks pregnant and a lot has changed during my trip. But that is a post for another day. Thank you so much for hanging out with my and reading a little about my trip. Please post a comment about a great family trip you have gone on or hope to in the future.

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