Traveling Home: The Beginning

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Going back home!!

This is a very impromptu blog post as I am in the middle of packing for my trip back to the East Coast and shouldn't be pausing to write this post. I have made a packing list for my clothes and need to make one for my makeup and other items. It has been over four years since my entire family has been under the same roof at the same time. I am bursting with excitement and I don't even fly out until tomorrow afternoon! It is going to be a very long day tomorrow I can already tell, my husband has to work the entire day and can only come home in time to drive me to the airport. We had our special goodbye time today in the form of an amazing Mexican restaurant and a stroll around the NEX (Navy Exchange). My hair is freshly washed and my home is becoming more and more clean throughout the evening. I have a couple survival items for my husband to use while I am gone, he isn't much of a cook so I bought him some soups and salad kits that he loves. I am leaving for a month so it won't last but at least he has a head start before he has to completely fend for himself. I will have done and put away all of the laundry by the time that I leave and that will help him out greatly, he really doesn't have the time. Our animals are all ready to go and have enough food for the time I am gone and are pretty low maintenance anyway. I still have to pack, I am 19 weeks pregnant and don't fit most of my wardrobe so this is easy to accomplish. It is 86 degrees Fahrenheit here where we live and an average of 46 degrees at my parents house so I am just going to die out there!!! I haven't been in the real cold in years and I don't ever want to be. My sister and Mom are gathering some winter maternity to bring to the airport when they pick me up so I won't die on the way home. I am thanking the cosmos that my parents have a fireplace. I will update you all when I arrive back to my official home town in beautiful Virginia and hopefully I make it through. 

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