Half Palette Half New Wood Coffee Table Update! With Pictures!!!

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I have been feeling a little bit under the weather for the past couple of days, but nothing is going to rain on my woodworking parade!! After careful consideration I realized that I needed to add a finish nailer to my arsenal of tools. I thought of a corded one, but couldn't find one out here and none would ship to me, the cordless ones are way too expensive and I don't want to charge batteries all the time. So I settled on a pneumatic finish nailer. Now if you are like me and you have no clue what the hell pneumatic means, here is a quick explanation:
It is a nail gun utilizing an air compressor to power the driving force of the nails.

So basically it is scary as hell and loud and well scary as hell.
I had to call in my wonderful and very smart husband to help me fully understand the usage procedures and of course safety measures.

After he and I sorted it all out I used it to attach my palette wood table top onto the pine sub top. It was awesome!

But before I did that I glued and screwed the planks together using my Kreg Jig Jr. and level 2 wood glue.

   Here are some pictures of my progress thus far!

Of Course Safety First!

That is pretty damn flat for being palette wood! Now the next thing I will do is grab my new circular saw and trim the little bit of filler wood I had to use due to how much sanding needed to be done to make the planks as square as I could manage with the tools I have. Then a lot of sanding will happen on the top and the border. I think that I have I plan for the legs but again I am not sure! Sorry!!

I will be posting a video of my progress on this table on my second channel, it is a new channel so there isn't anything there yet but there will be, so go ahead and subscribe so you don't miss it!


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