Half Palette Half New Wood Coffee Table!!

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Ok so this is for sure not a DIY blog, so if you are looking for that then keep looking!! This is sort of a collection of my life, the things that I do on the daily, monthly, and you guessed it, a yearly basis. I write this blog with a cup of coffee in my hands and loads of thoughts crammed into my head, please enjoy.

For the last few months I have been picking palette wood and preparing it to use in some project down the line. Once I felt that I had accumulated enough wood to start and complete a project, I then set out on a long mission of picking and buying the best tools for my needs. I also I am lucky enough to have the world's most supportive and encouraging Dads and he bought lots of things for me I will mention of course which things he gave me!

Here is a list of the tools I picked up!

Straight edge
Wood Pencils
Wood Glue 2nd and 3rd levels
Kregjig Jr.
Pocket Screws Standard Sizes (gift from my super amazing Dad) Thanks Papi!
2 10ft Clamps
Phillips and Flat Head Screw Drivers
Tape Measure
Power Drill
Jig Saw
Set of Jig Saw Blades (gift from my awesome Dad!) Thanks Papi!!
Router Saw
Compound Miter Saw at 10"
Miter Saw Mobile Utility Bench
2 Orbital Sanders (One was a gift from my beautiful Dad!) Thanks Papi!
Sand paper varies Grits
5 Use Hack Saw

That is all that I can think of at the moment, if I left any out I will mention in future posts. I am not trying to teach anyone how to do anything, I am simply sharing with you what I have done and what I would like to do in the future.

After I gathered up all of the tools I felt were necessary to complete a project at a high quality and I had already collected quite a bit of wood, I set out on finding the best first project. I looked through pinterest and stumble, youtube and facebook and finally I decided to make none other than a coffee table!! Isn't that fitting to begin my independent woodworking journey with a freaking coffee table?! Of course it is, so about a week ago, maybe two, I started cutting down and prepping my salvaged palette wood, I ended up with 40" worth of 14 1/2" planks laid side by side. Does that make sense? Here is a quick picture of what I am trying to describe! I just spent like 20 minutes making that thing so please look at it for a few seconds!!

Now that you have an idea of what the table will look like from the top you will love to know that that isn't what I have been entirely working on today! About a week or so ago I rough cut those planks with my jig saw and laid out my plan for the whole table. I have the two big pieces of wood that I will attach these planks to and the four pieces that I will use to create the framing underneath the table's top.

Let me give you a run down of what I have done so far I have; assembled the frame using all pocket screws with my KregJig Jr.; glued pocked screwed the two pieces together with my level 2 wood glue and of course the Kreg Jig Jr.; final cut and squared all of the planks of wood that will be my table's top.

Tomorrow I will sand all of the pieces to get them ready for the final assembly. Now some of you might be thinking, what about the legs?, well some of you, I have not yet decided how I want the legs to look at all so for that I will be going with the flow.

For the finish I will be using a stain and polyurethane in an espresso dark shade to make the rest of my home's decor!

There will be real picture in my next update!!

Thanks for reading,



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