The Coffees I Have Been Enjoying Lately

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The Coffees I Have Been Enjoying Lately

There are a few coffees that I would love to be drinking right now... But in the effort of being more conscious and drink what I have now, then buy new flavors later. The first coffee I would like to discuss is Casa Europa's Pumpkin Latte in a 12 oz pre-ground bag. I bought this from TJ Maxx for 4.99. Now I have had pumpkin flavored coffee before and there is a distinct taste that comes with it and this coffee didn't have it. I brewed it in my Keurig with my attachment that allows me to make my custom k-cup of any ground coffee I choose. This coffee was quite thin and watery. I brewed it once on the latte or cappuccino setting so the big cup button and with just a splash of creamer all color and nearly all flavor was stricken from the cup. I have about a third of the bag left and I am planning on finishing it hopefully I can figure out a way to make this coffee more flavorful. Despite its lack of a full body flavor, it does have a wonderful smell and it can be tolerated with a small amount of creamer.
Now the next couple of coffees are from the same brand, Cafe Escapes, and they are, from what I know, a Keurig Brand of coffee. The two flavors I have been enjoying are Cafe Mocha and Cafe Caramel. When I drink the Cafe Mocha I am brought back to a time when I was a nanny to a funny 8 year old girl and we used to play Coffee Shop and she and I would have coffee and hot chocolate. Her parents knew that all I needed for those long days at their house was a fully stocked coffee bar! Now I haven't been her nanny for some years now so when I drink this coffee I think of her and the fun we would have.  
Cafe Caramel is a lighter and slightly sweeter flavor that I am a big fan of, however if you are someone that enjoys a robust bitter coffee I would stay away from the Cafe Escapes brand as a whole. For me though, I quite enjoy all levels of strength in coffees. 

Now I present to you Dog Beast...

 Cafe Escapes in Cafe Caramel

Cafe Escapes in Cafe Mocha

Casa Europa in Pumpkin Latte

 He's going going...
And he is gone!

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