My Hair Disaster!

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My Hair Disaster!

My hair story begins around Valentine's Day this year. I knew I had a big trip planned to go and visit my sister-in-law, so I wanted to get my hair done before I went there to show her. This is the look that I was going for...

And this is where I started...

After speaking with a hair stylist/dresser and showing her many pictures of what I wanted and her claiming to understand exactly what I wanted... 

...I end up with this...

I wanted something low maintenance, a couple shades lighter over all, and then a lot of little highlights and low lights throughout the top and sides. The biggest thing was that I wanted it to blend up to the color of my natural hair so I wouldn't have a super harsh line. 

I don't know what the hell she was thinking in her head!! She bleached my hair completely white!!!!!
I was just like that is going to dye a lot darker right? To which she replied, "oh you don't like the white?" I said NO I didn't ask for white or anything but 2 to 3 shades lighter than my dark brown and she told me she would fix it.

Well long story short I got my money back and the photo above is what it looked like after she tried a total of 3 times to fix it! 
In the end I think she lacked the actually skills needed to accomplish the color that I asked for in the first place and I paid the price!

After the initial shock of it all and with my money in my hands I went to different salon and explained the entire story to the employees there. They were horrified of course. They were kind enough to see me right that moment and he dyed my hair an all over dark brown that was still lighter than my natural hair and he fixed it in one shot. 

This is what my hair looked like just a week or so after getting it fixed...

At the point of this picture I had been deep conditioning my hair every single night. I had a promotion ceremony to go to for my brother-in-law, so this was the first time that I had done my hair since the disaster happened. I think it looks nice, but trust me if you had felt my hair it was like a broom!

I began trimming my own hair and going for a deep condition treatment at the salon that fixed my hair about once a month for a couple of months. I used my deep conditioner every day and I still do! After a little less than 4 months I have nearly gotten rid of all of the dead and fried hair. I will continue to deep condition every time I shower and trim my hair centimeter by centimeter until all of it is gone! 

My plan for the future is to have a professional cut done for my Christmas present at a fancy salon!

I hope you girls and guys out there have better luck changing your hair than I did. I am fully traumatized by this and will most likely never color my hair again.

Don't forget to check out my newest video where I talk about My Hair Disaster!

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