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I have had some technical difficulties in attempting to restore my normal vlog channel, so as a result, I was forced to make a new one. I will be steadily re-uploading the old videos on to this new channel and have linked it on my main channel. Thanks so much for your patience while I get my barrings back.

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I would like to take this time to introduce you to my Beautiful Family


Kitten is the first pet I have ever had. My husband and I adopted him from the ASPCA and I don't know how I ever lived without an animal to love. Now a little bit about him and his personality: Kitten is naughty, he messes up the blinds, he slams into things on purpose, and he hates birds. He acts more like a clumsy dog than any kind of a cat. Now with all of that he is so sweet and loving all day, he can sit and watch us play games or sit while we do things on the computer and he is extremely gentle. He has never scratched us while he gets bathed or ever. We love him very much he is perfect for us.

Dog Beast/Doogadogle

Dog Beast is a beautiful white Siberian Husky/Yellow Lab mix. We adopted him about 2 weeks after we got Kitten and he is a model pet. He never barks unless there are men lingering around our house, which is a good thing. He has a sensitive stomach which keeps him rather small. He has a gentle and needy personality that just melts the hearts of everyone that has met him. He was abused and was rescued from that situation about a year into his life and that is when I got him from the ASPCA. He is just the heart of our family and is utterly irreplaceable.

Since my husband is shy I will have to just tell you about him. His name is Aaron and he is a very smart and very funny man. He is charming and ambitious with a huge soft spot for animals and well ME!! Haha! He is in the US Navy and works very hard and enjoys his job very much. Plus he is a really good kisser...hehehe

And last but not least...duh...there's ME!

Ya'll know mee!!! Right! Well just in case you don't here is the a brief run down. I was born in Puerto Rico and grew up all over the world as an Army Brat! Somewhere in between growing up Army I married Navy! haha and it has been quite the adventure thus far. We are stationed overseas with our animals and I work as a nanny! I love hair, makeup, beauty and fashion like a lot of girls do, but I also enjoy a good video game!!!
I also drink a lot of coffee haha as you can see from my Blog title! haha!

I hope you are having a great day!

Peace OUT!!!


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