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Top: With Fix +
Bottom: Without Fix +
Close up of Antiqued

 Loose Pigment in Blue Brown
 Close up of pigment

 Oil Control Lotion
Travel Size of Fix+

I have been saving up for a couple of weeks now, so I am so excited to share this haul with you guys and girls! I have been using these products for a few days now and I have to say that I am just so pleased and happy that I finally got the things I really wanted. I bought these items in the smallest sized they come in just in case they didn't work for me, so lets get into what I think about each product.

I will start off with the eye shadow I picked out in Antiqued. It is a Veluxe Pearl, so from what I understand that means that it is a type of shimmer finish. I think it is just beautiful, the reason I picked this color is that I have very dark brown eyes nearly black in fact. I think the shimmer and red undertones of this color pull out the brown of my eyes more. Tell me what you think.

Moving on to the Pencil Brush, I think the prices of Mac Cosmetics are pretty steep, having said that. I think it is worth the money to get one brush you need that will last you years than many brushes over time. So I finally bit the bullet and bought a pencil brush. I actually didn't already own a pencil brush from any company so this purchase was a splurge for me and I am glad I did it. I think the quality is worth the price as I have already gotten a lot of great use out of this brush in particular.

At the check out there is this wall of 10$ items and I thought this would be a great way to test out some of their products without breaking my pre-set budget for the month. The first and most exciting of these items for me was the Fix+, this is a makeup medium, which means that you can use this product for many different purposes. The purpose I originally bought it for was to intensify the color of the eye shadows that I want to use. I have used it once so far and I think it does an amazing job at adding color pay off to your eye shadow. So far I am really enjoying this product. Next is the Oil Control Lotion, I have used this for two days now. The first day I used it under my makeup and I could tell that my face, after hours of having my full foundation makeup on, was oil free. I have combination to oily skin so I am so excited about this product mostly because I put it on my eye lids, where I am must oily, and my eye shadow didn't crease!!
The last product was a complete gamble product, a loose eye shadow pigment in the color Blue Brown. When the make up artist in my Mac Store showed me a swatch I just died! It is gorgeous! Let me take a picture and put it up really quick!

I love this color on me!

Isn't it just amazing! I love it!!

Presenting Kitten...

6.7 FL OZ

1.7 FL OZ

I have been using Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel for several weeks now. I really enjoy how fast this absorbs into my skin and leaves it soft all day.
I just bought the Cleansing Milk so I review will be coming of that once I have used it!

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