Best Way to See My Blog and New Video Posts!!

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Coffee, Coffee, and More Coffee!!!

I have adjusted the set up of my blog and I hope that you will find it easier to subscribe and follow!

After reading my most recent blog post you will see a
"Follow By Email" 
bar that you can enter your email and verify it.

What this does for you is makes it effortless to follow both my blog and my YouTube Channel.

Instead of searching for my blog or my channel you can simply receive ONE email containing everything I posted that day. 

You will not receive "spam"

You won't ever get more than one email a day as all posts, even if I post 3 or 4 times in a day, will be compiled into ONE email.

I hope you enjoy this new easy set up!!!

 So now all there is left to do is scroll down a bit more and

Enter Your Email and Follow My Posts and Videos!!


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