My Top 3 Keurig Coffees

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My Top 3 Keurig Coffees!

Sumatra by Starbucks is one of my favorite early morning coffees because it packs a powerful punch, just what you want when you need a pick me up in the morning! Even though it is a Dark Roast, I feel it is really smooth and it doesn't have that sharp bitter taste of most dark roast coffees.

Wolfgang Puck's Breakfast in Bed K Cups

Breakfast in Bed is a very tasty mid-day coffee that doesn't leave you jittery. Just enough to help you finish out the rest of your day comfortably. Personally I love drinking it because it is light on my stomach and it still has the flavor of a rich cup of coffee without the after effects of a darker roasted coffee.

Barista Prima Coffeehouse Columbia K Cups

Columbia is my most favorite because it to me is an anytime coffee that just tastes great. I drink coffee at all hours and I love this medium to dark roast when I am sitting at home updating my blog or watching Desperate Housewives on Netflix.

I have left links so that you can check these coffees out for yourself! I find that in my area it is cheaper to buy k-cups online, because at my local stores a pack of 12 k-cups costs over $11.00. On the links I provided you, it is 24 k-cups for $14.50. I have also found that buying them in the 48 packs saves you even more and you don't have to freak out when you run out!

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