How To: Make Coffee Using A "Spanish Style" Kettle

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How To: Make Coffee Using A "Spanish Style" Kettle

Today I am going to show you how I make my coffee using a "Spanish Style" Kettle or it's proper name THE MOKA POT. Here are your instructions:

1. Fill the bottom of kettle with water until it is right at where the bolt is, that is perfect so it won't flood the coffee grounds above it.

2. Place the "basket" or the middle piece on top of the bottom.

3. Tightly pack your favorite coffee grounds into the "basket" or middle piece like you would brown sugar.

4. Twist and tightly secure the "collecting chamber" or the top piece so that your coffee doesn't boil out through the middle.

5. Place on the edge of a stove top burner at medium high heat,(if you place a kettle in the center of a burner you may melt the handle or heat it up a lot and burn your self and ruin your stove top) until you hear the simmering, once you hear it quickly remove from heat so you don't burn the coffee. This is important as coffee brewed burns quickly.

6. Then serve however you like your coffee.

Just for you I created a video showing you step by step how I make coffee using this method.

I hope you enjoy and subscribe to my youtube channel for more videos like this.

Now it is time for just a little bit of history and information on the Spanish Style kettle or what is originally called the Moka Pot.

Inventor: Luigi De Ponti first patented this design for Alfonso Bialetti in 1933.
The company Bialetti continues to make that exact same model to this day and named it Moka Expresso. 
This style of coffee pot is most commonly used in Europe and Latin America, which is why I nick named it the "Spanish Style Kettle". Everyone in my family, we are Puerto Rican, uses this method to make their coffee.

In stores they currently carry 5 different sizes for the Moka Pot, these different sizes correspond to how many shots of expresso they create. 

1. Creates 1 shot of expresso.
2. Creates 3 shots of expresso.
3. Creates 6 shots of expresso.
4. Creates 9 shots of expresso.
5. Creates 12 shots of expresso.

This is by far my favorite way to make coffee. I hope you enjoy it as well. If you take a look at my tabs you will see I have a page called Best Brewing Systems, there you will see a convenient link to the exact same kettle I have from the brand Bialetti, which is the one I use. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!!

Website I used for my facts: 

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