First Impressions of Green Beans Coffee

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First Impression Of Green Beans Coffee

My very honest first impression of their Mocha with 4 expresso shots was that it was amazing!!
I didn't expect such a balanced flavor with the mocha, usually mochas just taste like you put a splash of coffee into a hot chocolate and it doesn't really go together. I also find that with the flavored coffees they tend to be over sweetened. I love sweet coffee but dang sometimes it is just too much. So Green Beans Coffee really did a good job of cutting the sweetness so you can taste both the chocolate and the coffee. 

You can find their coffee here,

The interesting thing about Green Beans Coffee is their support of the Armed Forces.
Me being a Navy Wife and all I can truly appreciate the fact that they have shops in many different bases and ship to APO/FPO address. The have a dedication to the military that spans 17 years. They also have locations out in the Middle East, Africa, and Northern America directly serving our Troops.

Their motto is "Honor First, Coffee Second"

On their website you can donate a cup of coffee or as they call it "a cup of joe", and you are able to donate more than one at a time to service members out in the field. You can also donate bags of coffee and the minimum donation is at $2, so it is something most people can afford to help in.

I am really impressed by Green Beans Coffee and the Mission, and I am pretty proud they just opened up one near me. I drink a lot of coffee, so knowing that it is in support of my friends and family makes it taste that much better. 

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