November 13th and 14th!

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November 13th and 14th!

Things are getting better with my business, I am acquiring more reliable parents to work with. You would think that in the child care industry that the person providing the care would be more likely to be "unreliable", but as it turns out I have been stood up for care more than 4 times in a single week and get different parents. So, I am really just left quite disappointed and rather shocked at how carelessly these parents undertake child care for their own children. If they don't show up what makes them so sure that I will when they need me to come over to there out or when they need me at my house and they have an emergency? I mean wow, I was just pretty taken back by how un-phased they are at leaving me waiting for hours for them to show up. I think it is time to develop a thicker skin and just let it go. I just never knew this kind of thing happened, I have worked in this field for 8 years and this is new to me so we will see if it continues.

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